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..and thanks for tuning in to Channel Beat, your one-stop amusement shop for Dance Dance Revolution and other popular arcade dancing and music games. This site is dedicated to the sales of arcade amusement machines from around the world. If you cannot locate the games needed in our stocklist, please send us an email with any request.

News & Updates

Special offer for September, Year 2014! 04 Sep, 2014

We would like to offer a series of the greatest Music video game machines, produced the various sound effects, its great graphics display effects and cool features for different game play, such as Music Drum Machine, Rhythm Dance Game Machine, Beat/DJ Video game machine, Guitar Arcade machine, etc......

DJ Max Technika - Clearance Offer! 23 Jun, 2014

* DJ Max Technika for Only $1895usd per set sell!
* a very unique and extremely popular music rhythm game
* stock for immediately shipment
* features with more than 160 songs

Pump It Up FIESTA EX 2013 machine In HOT Sale!! 16 May, 2013

- Lowest price ONLY $3,650.00usd
- the international 13th dance floor machine from Andamiro
- 29 inch monitor two player dancing machine
- English version
- good working and reconditioned machine

DJ Max Technika version 3 - new game!! 30 Jan, 2013

* crew Challenge Mode
* many new songs added
* brand new software kit to upgrade any DJ Max Technika series
* stock for immediate shipment

Pump It Up Fiesta 2 2013 full kit and upgrade software available 09 Nov, 2012

* preorder start
* Pump It Up Fiesta 2 2013 Upgrade Kit
* Pump It Up Fiesta 2 2013 Upgrade software kit
* Upgrade from any PIU version
* 450 songs
* 3000 step charts

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Latest Offers

DJ Max Tecnkia 3 system board
DJ Max Tecnkia 3 system board is an upgrade PCB for version 1 or version 2 DJ Max Tecnkia machine, features over 160 songs including tracks from previous titles, the portable franchise, and licensed tracks from smash hit Korean girl group KARA. The huge amount of content in this game is a first for the DJMAX franchise and is sure to keep players happy with all of the new tracks, charts, and courses featured in the game!
7-14 days

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$1249.92 USD

Rotating Elegant Demeanour Music Drum Machine
Rotating Elegant Demeanour Music Drum Machine is a luxury drum stage version, with 42 inch LCD screen, with a fog machine for very beautifully and realistic live show smoke effect, plays with electronic drum game, featuring with over 261 pop musics and four different cool themes for option.
4-6 weeks

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Go Go Percussion Babe Drum machine
Go Go Percussion Babe Drum machine is a single player and cute drum machine for kids, with a 32 inch display screen, plays on a large drum in the middle and two small drum by two side, kids beat the corresponding drum with drumsticks under the music rhythm to win more tickets output.
4-6 weeks

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$3494.93 USD

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